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Monitoring Your Social Media Use

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If you’re in business today, especially online then most likely you use one or more social media tools in your everyday business as a means by which to market your business, network with others, or for other similar reasons.

Using social media tools is a great way to do all of these things, however you may find that using social media can take up quite a bit of your time, therefore you might want to find ways that will make it easier to monitor your social media use, to ensure that you are truly making the most of it.

You can use the following tools to help gage the effectiveness of your social media use. Two of the most effective being Google Alerts and Twitter grader.  As Google will help you with any and all of the key words, business name, your name and other things associated with you and your business by alerting you when any of these things are mentioned online.  You can set up an alert for your name, your url, your business name and more.

For Twitter you can use Twitter Grader to see how your efforts on Twitter are ranking.  How much influence you are gaining due to your use of Twitter.  This is another useful tool.  Though there are more these two, they are a great place to start in monitoring your social media use, and what it is doing for you and your business.

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