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It’s Okay To Be Social Within Social Media

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There seems to be a myth in business that says that you can’t be “social” as a business person in your social media communities.  When in fact this is a good practice.  There is nothing wrong with being “social” within your social media sites, creating a circle of friends. 

Using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites for business is smart, but if you fail to connect and create relationships within those communities, then you’re missing the point and will likely miss the mark.  As a result, you will not thrive in these communities and won’t get much out of your efforts.

The truth is it is perfectly acceptable even right to be “social” to interact, engage and communicate in friendly ways with those in your reach, and to reach out to others to form and create new relationships.  This is what social media is all about.  The socializing works to your benefit allowing you to create new relationships, partner with new connections and benefit from the act of being “social”.

So don’t hesitate, interact, share, and be-friend those around you and use your “social” connections online for more than just business.

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