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Is Your Twitter Branded?

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Twitter is a tool used by millions but are you being seen?  As one of the top social networking tools there are millions of people on Twitter daily.  This is why it is important that you “stand out” from the crowd.  Here’s how and some things to consider: 

Do you have a personalize background with your photo/logo and information about your business. People go immediately to your “Twitter” profile when you follow them or someone else recommends you as someone to follow, with one glance at your Twitter profile they should be able to know more about you, your business and get a sense of what you are all about, this is why having a personalized Twitter background is so important.

Are all your tweets targeted to your market. You want to be sure to target your tweets to those you are trying to reach, while it is understandable to tweet about personal things to show that you are a real person it is also necessary to target some of your tweets as well.

Are you doing keyword searches to find conversations that might interest you? One of the beneficial things about Twitter is that you can use it as a search engine, allowing you to find people or conversations that are taking place based on keywords that are important to you and your business.  Try a quick search you never know what you might discover that could add to your business or make a new business connection.

Are you searching for connections based on your market? Another way Twitter allows you to search is for people to connect with and follow.  Doing this on a regular basis can put you in touch with more contacts that are targeted.

All types of business branding is important. But is a the world of Twitter noise it becomes so much more important to stand out? Are you?

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