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Is Your Social Media Organized?

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Spring has sprung here in IL and we have broken records with our warm weather, what a change from our nasty winter. I’m ready for it and will take a hot spring/summer over a cold yucky winter any day. This got me to thinking if we are going to have a hot summer that will mean lots of swimming. So how can I help myself work smarter, the first thing that popped into my head was organization. Today we will talk about organizing your connections.

Almost all social networks have one form or another to organize your friends, are you using this? Do you have local events – you should be segmenting your connections so the invites only go to those people. Have you separated your real life friends from your business connections? That is a good way to not annoy your friends who are there just to keep up with you. This where using the Twitter lists and Facebook lists are advisable.

Creating multiple lists will keep you organized and save you embarrassment in sending the wrong message to the wrong group.


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