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Is Your Social Media Individualized?

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We are all created unique, we all have different DNA, so why should we try to portray someone else online? Sadly, some people do, while others are truly the individual that they really are. It is definitely something to think about, and something that you should consider when you’re portraying yourself online via social media, are you being you or a mirrored image of someone else?

Because you are so unique, you are the only person who can bring to others the gifts, talents, personality and skills that you can. No one does anything EXACTLY like someone else. That’s why social media can truly revolutionize the way that you can share your uniqueness with the world. Sure there are others who can do things in a “similar” way to you, but your personality and strengths shapes the way that you share things with others and that can be quite beneficial to you.

As a result of this, you should definitely not hold back from sharing what you have to offer to others through the avenue of social media. Don’t miss out on the opportunity that lies before you.

This article got me to thinking about this topic, what a wonderful way to consider your DNA.


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