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Is Your Press Release Social Media Marketing Worthy?

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The press release has long been one of the best forms for attracting press or media coverage for your new business, product, idea, or event.  Writing and distributing a press release is a great way to gain media coverage and create a buzz for your business.  However, these days, a press release must be social media marketing worthy in order to truly work for you the hardest.

What does this mean?  Well, quite simply this means that your press release must contain the information which will allow it to be spread through social media avenues and best optimized for online distribution, including blogs, RSS feeds, social bookmarking sites and other online mediums.  After all, this is the most popular way people locate information and “read the news” in this age anyway.  newnews

A social media press release differs from a traditional press release in that it is more concise, contains less hype and marketing speak, and is more functional, focusing on the facts, as well as relaying them in a hyper-linked manner, leading readers to the information they need quickly and easily.

Some of the benefits to this type of press release is that it has easy and wide distribution, and can easily be shared with others.  After all this is what you want so be sure to include the pertinent information in your next social media press release and let it work for you, skipping the hype and marketing tactics of years past.


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