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Is Your Google Profile Set?

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Your Google profile is a central location for all of your information.  You can include links to all of your online work on your profile.  Links to your blogs, photos, and networking sites like Facebook can all be added to your Google profile, along with many others.  By setting up your Google profile you control how other people see you on Google.

With Google profile, you control the information that other people see.  No personal information is displayed unless you add it to your profile.  If you choose to add your full name to your public profile you can allow people to find you more easily.

To set up your profile go to your Google account page, and click on create a profile.  On the profile page you can add your name, nickname, occupation, location, where you grew up, where you have lived, and schools you have attended.  You can also upload a photo of yourself, and create a short bio.  Near the bottom of the page is a link section.  This is where you can add links to your web pages or blogs.

The contact tab is the place you add your contact information such as email address, phone number, address, birthday, and instant messaging name.  You also select who can view your contact information on this page.

If you are looking for a quick, convenient way to share your information in one centralized location, be sure to set up your Google profile.


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