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I Don’t Do Social Media

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I keep hearing about people who don’t do social media, they don’t like to share information, they are private people, they don’t like to connect with people they don’t know. If that were true the wouldn’t have a business – social networking is the same as talking to friends, neighbors, children’s friends parents and stumbling upon someone who needs your service or product or knows someone who needs your service or product its just done online where you can gain a broader exposure to the friend of friend network.

Social media literally puts the entire world at your fingertips.  The social media world is not limited to your neighborhood, your town, your state, or even your country for that matter.  It gives you the ability to reach even further and take your business literally anywhere you want it to go, much more quickly than ever before.

If you choose to not “do” social media, then you are literally choosing not to expand your reach or your business and that in my opinion isn’t a smart business move.

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