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I Did My Homework

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Recently I spoke at SelfGrowth.com’s Social Media University on the topic of Social Bookmarking.  I had to do quite a bit of research and homework in order to prepare for this opportunity and luckily as a result I have been able to share that information with you.

During my research on Social Bookmarking I found it impossible to find a resource that gave me the whole outlook on social bookmarking. I found books on statistics, I found books on tagging, I found books trying to promote tools. What I didn’t find was one resource that covered the whole story. So of course I began to get frustrated trying to put all my information together, that frustration turned into an idea. If I am having a hard time finding a great resource for Social Bookmarking, I’m sure many others are also. In that moment I made the decision to take all my “notes” from the class and make a book that others can learn from and refer to in their desire to increase their search engine rankings and website traffic with Social Bookmarking.

You can find out more about Unlocking the Secrets to Social Bookmarking by clicking here.

As I was getting friends to read the book and let me know what they thought. I had one friend let me know that the book was fine and dandy but I had 1 problem showing people how to actually use the sites. I thought, “Good Point, I agree.”
So that got my juices flowing, “What do I do now, what good is a book about social bookmarking that doesn’t actually show you how to use the bookmarking sites?” So as an added bonus to the book, I did 4 walk-through videos (covering the 4 types of bookmarking sites in the book) on how to setup and bookmark a link within that site. My friend was very happy with this!

You can find out more about the bonuses by clicking here.

Then to top it all off, lots of people may realize the benefits of social bookmarking, but just not have the time. So as a bonus I offer to bookmark 1 link to 5 sites for you for free.

Plus as a bonus for SelfGrowth.com members only I will offer you a 10% discount my Social Bookmarking Services just let me know you are part of SelfGrowth.com to get the discount.

So check out Unlocking the Secrets to Social Bookmarking and let’s get started today.


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