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Getting Started with Social Bookmarking

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So, You know what social bookmarking is, but you wonder, how do I get my items bookmarked? Obviously, it looks better if someone else bookmarks your blog posts or articles rather than you doing it yourself.  So, how do you get this to happen?

Here are a few tips for getting social bookmarks:

Make it easy. Many content management systems, such as WordPress have plugins that will allow you to place small widgets at the bottom of each post that allow an easy one click option to stumble, digg, or add a post to a site such as  these will help you to gain more bookmarks simply for the ease of use.

Keep current.  Keeping your content current and fresh is of utmost importance.  You will never gain high ranks in the social bookmarking sites with dated content. These sites feature up to the minute fresh info and are always displayed in real time so the fresher your content the better.

Participate. You cannot expect to take, take, take and never give.  Participating in the social bookmarking site, bookmarking others posts and articles, having a current and up to date profile, all of these things can be to your advantage.  Many times others will swap stumbles, or other bookmarks with you as your “friend”.

These are just a few “getting started” tips for social bookmarking.  Maybe you don’t feel you have the time it takes to participate in social bookmarking.  If this is the case, hiring someone to do the work for you, such as a social media virtual assistant would be a smart move to fully help you take advantage of social bookmarking and other social media tools.
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