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Get Ready for Google Plus Business Pages

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Ever since Google launched its much-anticipated social media network, Google+, business owners have been patiently twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the chance to make a profile for their company. While official brand pages are still not up for offer on Google+, business owners can still prepare themselves for them by creating a personal account.

Google+ is currently the fastest-growing social media site with more than 20 million users. By getting on board in the beginning, you will be able to test drive the site and familiarize yourself with all of the features that Google+ has to offer its users. You’ll get a better understanding of how the site can be integrated into your business’s marketing plan.

Sign Yourself Up Now, Your Business Later

Just because Google+ has put a hold on business pages, that doesn’t mean you can’t sign up for an account as yourself. You are, after all, a representative of your company so there’s no harm in telling other users who you are and what you do. Be aware: if you try to use your personal profile as a way to promote your brand only, Google can take down that page. So be an active user of the network, start conversations with others, build relationships. You’ll be able to see what content draws more attention. Fellow users who connect with you on Google+ will want to connect with you on other social networks as well.

Your Circles, Your Audience

In the “Find People” box, enter keywords and phrases related to your niche and you will be shown a wide variety of people who you can add to your circles. You can also find people based on their geographic locations. You can reach out to people you don’t know and make a connection. You can add industry leaders to your circles as well to help stay up-to-date on what’s being discussed and what trends are on the rise.

Show Off Your Sparkling Self

There’s more to you than the business, so tell people about it! Give people a glimpse into the personality behind the brand. Sharing details about the real you will show people a way to connect with you on a different level. This is a surprisingly powerful marketing tool. People are more comfortable with a business when they can put a face to the name. And knowing that you enjoy some of the same things that they do will help create a bond between you and others in your circles.

Get Ready for Virtual Mingling

On Google+, whenever you see that there’s a hangout session or conversation going on with people in your circles, you can join right in. When someone in your circle posts an update, they will choose who can take part. So, if you see that some users are video chatting or a question has been posted for answering, go for it! This is a great way to build relationships and solidify networking connections.

Users are also more apt to +1 on your profile when you ask questions, post comments, open a dialogue and add photos. Linking to your blog post or other articles will bring some traffic but this network is more about conversation and connection.

Review the “Incoming” Feed

This part of the News Stream on Google+ shows updates from people who have circled you but are not in any of your circles. You may not want to circle every person that circles you, but you can read these posts to learn more about people who show an interest in you. You can find out in what areas they may need help through conversations and offer your services to them.

Are you circling on Google+ yet? What do you do to make more connections? How do you make sure you’re getting the most out of the new social network? Share with us!


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