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Get Answers You Need from LinkedIn Answers

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Ever wish you could ask an expert a specific question? Maybe you want to know if it is worth continuing your education in your chosen field, but you want to know from someone who has been there. Well LinkedIn’s Answers feature gives you the ability to do just that. You can ask a question to your “networK” and get answers from the “experts” and from your “peers” and from “those who have been in your shoes”. In addition you can showcase your own area of expertise by providing answers to other people’s questions.

But, that’s not all, you can also search the previous answers to find the information you are looking for, just in case you’re too impatient or you don’ t have the time to wait for the answer. After all, LinkedIn gives your “network” up to 7 days to answer your question.

They also have a “flagging” feature to flag favorite responses and if your answer is flagged you are tagged as an “expert” in that particular category.

So, It might be worth checking out LinkedIn to see if you have some “answers”.


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