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Following the Social Network Crowd

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We were likely all taught as children to NOT follow the crowd, but in today’s business world is that still the case or should we as business owners be following the crowd, especially when it comes to social networking?

Social networking is the latest way to connect with, engage and ultimately create a relationship with your potential clients and customers.  There are various social networking sites, which serve various needs but have the same overall purpose.

These include, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare and even your own blog. These are all places you can connect with, engage and ultimately create a relationship with others.

Actually, if you are doing social networking correctly, you aren’t “exactly” following the crowd, at least not in the sense we think of it as children.  What you are doing is you are finding those people or groups of people that you want to connect with and you are beginning to participate in what they are doing retweeting their tweets, responding to their Facebook posts, commenting on their blog.  You want to get to know them, so as a result they will get to know you and then, know you, like you and trust you and ultimately, buy from you!

That’s what it is all about after all, so yes, in a way you should “Follow the crowd”.


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