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Facebook is Changing AGAIN!

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You may recall the recent changes made to Facebook changing “Becoming a Fan” to “Like”ing a page, featuring a brand or business entity.  This change is still fairly new and another change has been made.  There are now “community” pages, which are not created by anyone but lead to pages in that particular category, such as “Internet”.  Your fan page and your profile will now be linked as well as your community pages.  You can indicate your community pages by including those “topics” such as our example “Internet” into your activities and interests section of your profile.

This change truly integrates everything that a user specifies on Facebook.  For those of us in business this could be either good or bad.  Some business owners may use Facebook both socially, for personal use and for business.  If they do so by utilizing a “fan” page for business and a “profile” page for personal they may not like the idea of the two being “connected”. The good news is you can use your settings to “set your preferences” for this type thing.

Whichever the case, you will be noticing quite a few changes when you venture over to Facebook over the next few weeks.  Why not go there now and visit my page?


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  • Dawn Pigoni, IVAA Member