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Explain this: Social Bookmarking

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To start out we will go with a basic definition of Social Bookmarking. Social Bookmarking is a persons collection of bookmarks that you then share with the online world through a social bookmarking site.

In order to create a profile on many of today’s leading social bookmarking sites, a user simply creates a screen name, login information, and possibly uploads a picture. Depending on the theme of the site, the user will then go ahead and ‘upload’ the relevant information such as links or products to their profile pages. After that, they can become a part of a community.

The fundamental reason why consumers build social bookmarking profiles is to create an identity to share. After doing so, they are able to interact on social networking sites on a regular basis, and marketers can use this behavior to their advantage.

Discovering and sharing information with keywords in specific topics is what allows social bookmarking networks to grow; as more information is provided, the categories of interest also develop to provide key information.

For your business:

Communities and niche channels develop organically, with limited effort from a company or site owner. By joining some of these networks as a business entity, you can create a valuable presence with a variety of customers and find out what they are most interested in.

Submitting valuable articles and content, and then sharing it within your niche community, is an excellent way to create a positive presence for your business.

Social media is quickly becoming one of the web’s fastest growing online activities, a place for customers in a variety of markets and niche communities to learn, educate others, and interact with other buyers. As a result, it is good for your business to track and gauge different patterns. Consider social media as just one channel to accurately gauge your customer’s interests, tastes, and preferences.

The following can be generated as a result of social bookmarking:

  • Increased traffic; articles and submissions posted to social bookmarking sites can be tracked easily
  • Increased revenues: customers that are continuously participating in a specific genre or community are more likely to simply buy something through this portal or channel. This gives rise to increased revenue
  • Rankings: determining how well a specific product is doing becomes much easier as it reaches the high ranks of a specific community
  • Lower expenses: social bookmarking and marketing on the web offer the added benefit of reduced costs. Businesses are more likely to reach a wider audience with minimal effort

The old ways of conducting market research and finding out more about target markets and customers are long gone; with today’s web tools and freely distributed information, tracking down the target market and identifying new trends has become much easier.

Start your bookmarking now.


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