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Does Myspace Still Have a Chance?

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of, been a member of, or still are a member of the Social Media site My Space. My Space can safely be called “The Godfather of Social Media.” It was the first site to actually explode. It seemed everyone had a My Space page, and everyone was intent on having a better page then their friends. Old friends were found, relationships made, relationships broken, all thanks to My Space. So what happened?

Lately it seems that My Space is slowly disappearing into obscurity. Thanks to sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN, many are now considering My Space “old school” social media. There are of course the diehard My Space lovers, but they seem to be getting fewer and fewer. Does My Space still have a chance? Of course it does. Does it need a total overhaul? Of course it does.

If the owners of My Space hope to have the same kind of long term success that Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn seem to be having, they need to get moving. What made them different during their peak of success needs to be reevaluated. They need to find a niche which would make them special and different when compared to their adversaries. Then and only then will they have even a chance in getting back on top of the social media empire.

If the owners of My Space are not interested in reclaiming that top spot or they feel as if they are content at the way things are right now, it’s only a matter of time. A matter of time until sadly My Space is no longer, and even sadder that most will probably not even care. They will be busy tweeting or updating their Facebook statuses.


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