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Do You Squidoo?

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Squidoo, it sounds like something a bit scary huh?  But, actually it isn’t, in fact it is far from scary and is actually a powerful tool that you can use to your advantage and as a marketing avenue for your business.  Squidoo is an internet tool that anyone can use to their advantage.  Its premise is that you create lenses that are categorized and indexed so that the search engines find them quickly.

You can choose to make a Squidoo lens on any topic related to your business.  Some great topic ideas for Squidoo lenses are “how to” lenses or informational lenses, anything that you can create and include keywords in to help point others to your website or blog. 

A few other advantages of using Squidoo are:

It is easy to use.
The site guides you through step by step options that allow you to create your lense.  It also allows you to monetize your lenses by using

On top of that Squidoo shares its revenue with its Lensmasters from advertisements which are featured on your lense.

Squidooing can work hand in hand with your article marketing saving you time and energy.  You can literally do two things at once.

Squidoo is also a close friend to Google. Google search engines are a fan of Squidoo lenses and thus will find them quickly.  That’s a plus for you when you’re a lensmaster.

These are just a few advantages of Squidoo.  From them you should see why Squidooing should be on the top of your “to do” list.

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    Squidoo helps those individuals who are doing their article marketing as a way to promote their businesses.

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