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Do You Have a Question? Ask It On Facebook

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Facebook just launched its very own “answers” center, must like Yahoo Answers, or Linked In’s Answers section, Facebook has decided to join the crowd.  Their version is called Facebook Questions.

According to Mashable, Facebook Questions will allow users to do a few things:

  • Photo questions: Users can post pictures of objects that they have questions about or have problems identifying and then can receive answers from other users.
  • Simple Polling: This is a big one for marketers. Now that a Facebook user can quickly create a poll to answer a question, the amount of available data to mine for industry and business insight will increase.
  • Tagging: Tagging is the method Facebook uses for organizing questions. The point of tagging is to allow users to easily discover new questions and answer the ones relevant to them.
  • Following: Users who want to keep track of certain answers can “follow” a question to see responses as they get added.
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