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Developing A Social Bookmarking Strategy

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Social bookmarking can serve many purposes for you, but you are the one who must decide how you will use it.  Will you bookmark to share with others socially, will you use your social bookmarking accounts for research, will you use them just to keep up with interesting information that you find?  This is important to determine before you begin using your accounts so that you can develop a strategy for using social bookmarking.

If your goal happens to be to use social bookmarking to drive traffic to your website, then you most definitely will need to get invovled with the “social” aspects of social bookmarking and find others who enjoy similar topics to “stumble your posts”, “digg your posts” or “Ping” them for Technorati.  These things are important if you’re using social bookmarks in this way, but not so important if you’re using it for other means.

For example, say you merely want to friend others in your field so that you can use your accounts to research what your target market is looking for and finding interesting. This is  a great way to play the “fly on the wall” and learn much as a result.

Finally, you may merely choose to use your social bookmarks as a means by which to keep up with information, whether it is something you’ve read that you’d like to use for an article at some point in the future or if it’s something you don’t have time to read now but want to come back to peruse at a later date, either way this is yet another use for social bookmarking.

The thing is you get to decide and you and only you can develop your “strategy” for social bookmarking.


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