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Dawn’s View: Is Your Site Compelling?

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It’s not enough to be social and get prospects to your site, once they get there are you keeping them engaged, are you directing them towards your funnel?  Your website is your “real estate” on the web.  Are you truly presenting yourself and your business in a way that will make others want to purchase, want to sign up for your list, want to get more information from you?

Much like real estate agents “stage” a house in order to show it for selling you need to set the “stage” on your website where it is inviting and your visitors want to come in and stay a while or even “spend some money” or “join your community”.  Whatever it is that you are hoping for them to do.

We in the online business world think of this as inviting our visitors into our funnel. A marketing funnel begins with a free or low cost item, and then moves into our high priced items, and finally into high-end high cost products and services.  That is where you must make your site compelling. You must make it clear that you are “calling them to act”.

Go to your website, spend some time asking yourself, am I setting the stage for allowing my visitors to feel invited in, to realize that I am “calling them to action”, that I am inviting them into my marketing funnel?  If not make changes that will make that happen.


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