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Dawn’s View: Do You Have a Social Media Mindset?

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I have been involved in social media and now social media marketing for a fair amount of time now and I have seen lots of “campaigns” go well and I have seen many flop. I have learned many times over it’s a mindset that you must have running all the time.  You must think it through:

How does my everyday life relate to the products and services I offer?

While doing this you must also be sharing stories and tid bits about your “personal” activities to gain friends, then relate what you can to business.  Ask yourself questions like,

“Can you use it as a lesson?”

Can it show case how your using your new found organizational skills?

Can it show how you are giving yourself time to interact with your network by allowing someone to help you with the logistics of social media?

You have to keep your social media goals in the forefront of your mind as you go about your daily activities in the “social media’ world.

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