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Customer Service – Make Sure it Is Not Dead!

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It is incredible how a person’s opinion can turn on the smallest thing. In online business, that would be customer service. It can set you apart from other businesses of a similar nature. It builds a trust-based relationship with your readers and potential customers.  It is an incredibly important part of business.

What is Customer Service?

A reader signs up for newsletters or your affiliate program. Days go by before they receive a confirmation of your receipt of their request or they receive any information. That reader decides to withdraw their request because you have become “persona non grata.”

It is important to follow through on the offers you make to readers and customers alike. That is why they came to you in the first place. Doing your part helps them make the decision to stay.

Just like in a store, no one wants to wander around aimlessly without support. If you have to ask for the helps to help you then the point has been missed. It is the job of the business owner to be available in case they are needed.

How to Provide Good Customer Service

Now, it would be unrealistic to think that you will sit at your computer 24/7 waiting for a reader to ask a question. What you can do is put processes in place so that someone or something is there 24/7 to be available for any eventuality.

Examples of these processes:

• Auto-responder messages
• Scheduled newsletter deliver
• FAQ page that is always updated
• User-friendly tabs, site map and links to get around the website with ease
• Answering service
• Virtual assistant

Even when you can’t be available personally, you know that your readers and customers are taken care of. Example: If you have an affiliate program, include enough links and information for readers to understand what you are all about and how they can sign up. Sign up forms need only include pertinent information so they are as simple as possible to complete.

When you have time, go through your email messages for those whose question didn’t fit one of the recorded categories on your “Contact Us” page. The auto-responder message for them gives you an additional 24 to get back to the reader with the information requested.

Prompt service tells people that you are concerned about their business. You value their input and want to keep them happy. Customer serviced is a big part of building a healthy long-lasting relationship with your readers.


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