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Connecting With Your Readers Via Newsletter

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When you started your online business, you knew that you would have to have the traffic to make it a worthwhile venture. With your marketing plan, ideas were already recorded to help that become a reality. Here’s one you may not have thought about: newsletters. They bring the reader into the “know” and that could mean dollars and cents to you.

A business website gives visitors the basics of your operation. You want to use your resources to tell them about what you do and why they need to get involved with you. There is not always enough space to put columns or tidbits that would be important to readers but not necessarily part of your main marketing agenda.

Newsletters are designed not only to inform but also to let readers get to know you. There can be a column written by you that thanks them for being loyal readers and customers (leading them to buy if they haven’t already). You can share honest appreciation for what they do for you.

The Magic of Newsletters

When you don’t have enough room for the fun things (contests, freebie offers) and the more in-depth things (affiliate program info, new products) that you want your readers to know put it in a newsletter. There are several formats for online newsletters:

• One page layout that you email to subscribers
• Multiple page PDF format they can access through a link in email
• Animated links on website

Usually, newsletters are sent to subscribers. These are readers who come to your site and opt-in for it by giving you their email address and name. Each month they get an email with your newsletter or link to the newsletter.

For longer newsletters with more information, you can create a PDF they can access, download, print and share with others. This way, your newsletter goes viral to people who know your readers.

Creating a “Subscriber Only” section on your site gives them access to newsletters that have video or animation that they won’t see if they had a PDF. This makes readers feel special that they have a place just for them on your site.

Your format is up to you. Whatever you feel that will engage your readers, use it. In the beginning they may not want a lot of flash since it could be viewed as trickery. Keep it simple until they ask for more.

Customer Spotlight

Newsletters are a way to highlight those readers who want to be known. Maybe you have visitors who have joined your affiliate program or have opted in the previous month for the newsletter. Listing their names gives them a place of importance in your business.

What will you place in your newsletter? Creating one, to catch all the “tidbit” information that readers really love, helps them feel like a vital part of your enterprise.

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