Tips for Balancing Facebook and Twitter

Tweet Social networking is an important part of your business. It’s a good way to grow and meet new people. These people could become customers or they could be other business owners that could help you grow. Two of the most popular social networking sites would be Facebook and Twitter. These two sites are also [...]

What does it mean to be Social in Social Media?

Tweet I’m sure that’s a question that has several different answers based on your opinion and what you’ve heard from others. Is there a true and correct answer for it? Probably not, but more than likely you’ll see the same answer over and over if you were to do the research on it. The most [...]

Why Facebook Shouldn’t be Your Only Social Media Presence

Tweet When you’re growing a business online it’s important to make your presence known in more than one place. Social media is the best way to place your business in front of people so they know exactly what you do and what you can do to help them. There are hundreds of social media sites [...]

Do You Look Alive in Social Media?

Tweet Social media is one of the best and easiest ways to grow your business. The reason it’s the easiest is because you have the ability to show your business to literally millions of people with the click of a button. This won’t happen if you don’t look alive in social media. You ask, how [...]

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