Have You Seen It?

Tweet Have you seen it?  What you ask?  Twitter, it has got a new home page.  So many of us use twitter tools such as Tweetdeck or Twirl that we rarely login to Twitter via the web.  If you do though you’ll notice their snazzy new homepage.  It is featuring the most popular Twitter topics [...]

Retweet icate

Tweet Do you know how to retweet properly?  There are several people who do not; they are sometimes referred to as a retweet thief.  If you are not familiar with Twitter, you may be wondering what retweeting is.  A tweet is a statement or thought that you post on Twitter.  Retweeting is when you repeat [...]

Why Use Twitter Hashtags?

Tweet You may be wondering what hashtags are and how to use them. A hashtag is simply the hashtag symbol #, followed by a word. The use of hashtags on Twitter is a way to organize and share the information that you put on Twitter. Along with being a great way for regular Twitter users [...]

A Blog, Do I Really Need to Have One?

Tweet As a small business owner you may not think that you need or could benefit from a “blog”.  After all, aren’t blogs for moms, teens and people with “free” time?  Well, the answer is “yes”, but not only those people, blogs are for business owners as well.  Blogs allow you to quickly and easily [...]

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