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Better Ways to Grow Your Pinterest Audience

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Pinterest is still somewhat new for businesses, but it is on the rise as a powerful social media tool. To use it effectively, there needs to be a little bit of strategy when it comes to your brand’s Pinterest account. It is not enough to simply create a few boards and add some random pins to them every week.

Statistics are showing that Pinterest is leading to even more click-throughs than Facebook. If you want to grow your audience on Pinterest, you need to find better ways to build your boards. Then, you will see the true benefits of having this social network as a part of your arsenal for building your fan base.

Create Specific Boards

You need more than just a handful of generic boards to get people to follow you. What you need is to have niche boards that are easily found by a target audience. For instance, if you own a catering business, you shouldn’t just have one board for desserts, one for appetizers and one for entrees. Break them down further- chicken dinners, cookies, cake recipes, tailgating favorites, etc.

The more specific the board, the more likely it is going to be found when users do a search.

Follow Trending Topics

Trending topics generate as much interest on Pinterest as they do on Twitter. Staying on top of what the hot topics are can help you reach a wider audience. Take a look at what the most popular pins are each day and you can also check to see what is trending on Twitter and parlay that into some new pins for your boards.

Keep Pinning to Your Popular Boards

Some of your boards may have a larger following than others. Make sure you are always adding new content to those boards so that your followers will stay engaged. The more that your items are being pinned and repined, the wider your reach will grow.

Add Keywords

You still need to be focused on SEO, even with your Pinterest boards. Make sure you are using some of your relevant keywords in your board and pin descriptions to help make them easier to find by users doing a search for content. The more targeted the keywords, the more likely it is that you will attract more followers each day.

Promote Your Pinterest

It’s easy to overlook the potential followers that are already at your fingertips. If you are on other social media sites or have newsletter subscribers, then you have an audience that is ready for a new way to keep interacting with your business. Invite people to start following your boards and include a link wherever you can, like in your email signature.

Be a Follower

If you are a believer in social media karma, then you need to remember that if you want to get more followers you need to start being a follower yourself. Find out who the relevant pinners are and start following them. There is a good chance that they will reciprocate and that can lead to some of their followers tagging along. If you get a new follower, check out their boards and start following them too.

How are you working to grow your Pinterest audience?



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