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Benefits of Outsourcing to a Social Media Virtual Assistant

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Outsourcing, it is smart business practice, many many business owners are outsourcing these days, and even outsourcing their social media use.  Sound crazy?  Well, it’s not it’s actually smart business.  Outsourcing your social media tasks has  many benefits.

These include:

The knowledge of social media by the virtual assistant themselves. Social media virtual assistants, like myself, specialize in social media.  We have specialized training as well as expertise that will not only get you started in social media, but put you on the edge and at the top because of our knowledge.

Social Media virtual assistants keep up with all the current trends and changes within social media. Let’s face it social media is changing fast, so fast that within the blink of an eye you could be “behind the times”.  To keep this from happening hire a social media virtual assistant who stays up to date and “in the know” so that you can stay up to date.

Save money by not having to hire in house or use your valuable time doing business postings.  Having to pay someone within your company to do this job would be rather costly, it would most likely require that you provide them office, space, benefits and more, not with a social media virtual assistant, they work remotely and save you time and money.


  • Janet Janowiak

    Excellent way to point out the benefits of outsourcing those things that a business owner feels is important but may not have the time or skills to handle themselves. A Virtual Assistant is a real time/money saver and can bolster business!

  • Erin

    Wonderful post. Another great benefit is certified social media VAs can create a customized campaign for your business. Each business is unique and their needs a campaign that meets their branding needs.

  • Ryan Deiss

    I think you hit a very important point in that social media VAs are in tune with all the current trends. something a lot of don't have time to do.

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