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Benefits of Having a Business Logo in Social Media

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It is quite possible that you have successfully written and began to execute a social media marketing plan for your business. However, you’ve come across one tiny problem; you don’t have a logo for your business or social media accounts. Logos serve as a visual identity related to your branding. It is critical that you have a logo for you to be completely successful.

If you are working at having a positive internet presence, your logo is what everyone will see and will associate with your business and vice versa. Having a business logo will fulfill the purpose of brand recognition meaning that anyone that normally does business with you, those who will soon be doing business, and your targeted audience will all be able to recognize you via your logo.

In detail, below are a few reasons why you should have a logo for your business, especially when marketing through social media.

Logos Promote Your Business: Logos project an image about your business to visitors. A well designed logo will speak millions about what your business is and what services your business offers.

Logos Offer Protection: Posting content and other important business information are good practices of a successful business. However, establishing a logo (a visual identity) to go with the content is extremely critical. Your clients will recognize your logo consistently and will alert you if they happen to see it posted inappropriately or being used by someone else. It’s another way you can stay protected on the internet inconspicuously.

Professionalism: If your logo is of good quality, somewhat interesting and/or attractive it represents a professional presence. A logo isn’t going to do all the work for you, but if the logo is well designed and you’re releasing appropriate and valuable content throughout your social media campaign, customers will be more inclined to communicate with you.

Clarification: Not only does a logo help in social media promotion, but it also creates an iconic symbol of credibility that is associated with your business over and over. For instance, if you attach your logo to anything you publish, you use it on Twitter, Facebook and your websites and blog, people will associate that logo with your business and they will look for it. The logo will help to easily identify your business.

Elements of an effective Logo: If you want a great logo that portrays professionalism, there are a few elements that should be considered.

Research: To get an effective logo, you should research other brands and businesses that are successful. Your brand and your logo must be linked together and provide a similar message.

Business Name: You probably have already conquered this area, but your name should be memorable and unique for it to be effective and so people can easily remember it.

Visual Stimulation: Design elements put into your logo should be easy on the eyes, as well as pleasing. It must also be simple and be easily identifiable. Furthermore, all your social media networks, website and blog should all encompass the same design elements, so that the overall feel of each design is easily connected.

Use a focus group: In some cases, it might be interesting or beneficial to use a focus group to see how people react to your logo. All you need is to showcase the logo and form a group of people to ask their opinion.

A logo is an extremely important component to the overall success of your social media efforts and your business. It helps to create your identity and define your presence on the Internet as well as making it easier for potential clients to find you. Although having a logo is a small component of your business success, the effect they have is grand.


  • James Smith

    I couldn’t agree more. A logo speaks for itself and it has a great influence in Social Media. Furthermore, a company needs to deal with great logo designers who can provide a good and encouraging logo to represent its service and product.

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