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Be Social Worldwide hosts Blog Hopping & Podcast Tour VA during Her Spin Around the Globe

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Social Media Worldwide hosts Blog Hopping & Podcast Tour VA during Her Spin Around the Globe

Hi Dawn, It’s Friday, end of week, and I’m happy to visit a virtual assistant blog specializing in social media today. I’ve had a world wind time so far, and look forward to hanging with you a bit.

1. What is the newest trend in Virtual Assistants?

Actually, there are several “new” industry trends. Most popular currently is social media marketing – where VAs are assisting clients in creating profiles, updating blogs, and developing and implementing social media optimization strategies.

Another new industry trend is becoming certified as an author’s assistant. Statistics show that thousands of books are published on a yearly basis. However, there aren’t many individuals helping authors with the backend responsibilities associated with publishing a manuscript and marketing the book. More and more VAs are learning the skills necessary to assist authors.

Another trend, not niche-related, is more and more individuals entering the industry that lack administrative and/or managerial background. As a result, they experience a huge learning curve – achieving core competencies required to provide professional support services to potential clients. Because of this trend, new training companies are springing up all over the web. Many of these company owners/trainers also lack knowledge, skills and abilities to become a professional VA, let alone a VA trainer – but they hang out their shingle and open their doors. I caution anyone interested in becoming a VA, and seeking training, to really evaluate the trainer’s knowledge, skills and experience BEFORE paying for their services.

2. What are the 3 top must have tools for Virtual Assistants?

The answer to this question is based upon the specialty or niche industry the VAs is working in. Of course, VAs should have professional software programs, such as Microsoft Office, an antivirus program, time tracking and invoicing software.

On a non-technology front, VAs should possess knowledge, skills and experience, and the willingness to increase their knowledge about their chosen field; even to the extent of attending classes and obtaining relevant certifications. By doing so, they become more “marketable”, and are perceived as better qualified than a non-credentialed individual, because they have completed some form of training.

Finally, VAs should possess the ability to identify and screen their ideal clients, negotiate contracts and provide value-add services to clients they partner with.

3. Who is the Online International Virtual Assistant Convention for?

Primarly, the OIVAC is for professional and aspiring virtual assistants to celebrate the industry. These VAs participate in the International Virtual Assistants Day celebration, attend educational seminars, network, visit exhibitor halls, interact with vendors, and qualify for prize drawings and giveaways.

Also, the convention is for entrepreneurs seeking resources and education from experienced business owners sharing their information and resources. This year, several non-industry-specific topics include WordPress, W3C, 1ShoppingCart, Google Analytics, SEO, CSS, Quickbooks, business planning and marketing, social networking trends (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and much, much more.

In essence, it’s for anyone ready to learn and grow their businesses.

Okay Dawn, that’s all. Time for our weekend break and we’ll be back again on Monday. Yesterday, I stopped by Karen McGreevey’s blog, Kreative Ramblings, and Monday I’m visiting Aimee Wilson at Occasions to If you have missed any of the puzzle clues, visit OIVAC blog hopping tour site and checkout blog hopping and podcast tour schedule; backtrack the prior stops, and collect your clues. Today’s clue is: dolwidewre.

Sharon Williams is the president of The 24 Hour Secretary and founder of OIVAC. Stop by her blog and signup for the soon to be launched “Let Your VA Handle It” case studies series, where she identifies tasks and solutions VAs offer that save time and money and give clients time to handle responsibilities that fuel their passion.


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