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Balancing Business and Pleasure when Using Facebook

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Facebook is a great way to connect with clients, potential clients, or associates that have the ability to help you grow your business. Fan pages, groups, ads, and profiles help you grow your business when you use it properly. It’s a good idea to set up your blog to automatically post to either your profile page or fan page depending on your needs.

Facebook is also a good way to connect with old friends and keep in touch with new friends. It’s also a way to have fun when you play the games and take the survey’s that are a part of it. You can connect with your friends on these extension sites of Facebook and have a blast doing it. It’s a good way to relieve the stress you may have from your business or life in general.

Since you have the ability to use Facebook for both business and pleasure it’s hard to decide how to balance that, but it’s something you need to do if you plan to use it for both. If you have too many business posts your friends won’t want to visit your page anymore, but the same goes for too many personal posts as well.

If you find you have too many personal posts such as posts from game sites and questions, you may want to consider deleting them. If you find they’re overwhelming and coming in faster than you can handle, you can click on the delete button and stop them from coming all together.

Business posts can take over as well, so you may want to consider a fan page or group and make your posts there. You can occasionally post on your profile, but it’s a good idea to make the posts on your fan page or group instead.

You’ll figure out the balance and when you do you need to make sure you keep it all the time. Make sure you monitor your page regularly and keep the balance at all times. You’ll find success will be yours when you find the balance and keep it.


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