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Avoid These 6 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

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These days, it is important for businesses to maintain an active social media presence if they want to be successful. Facebook is one of the leaders in social networking, making it the main focus for entrepreneurs as they start out in their online marketing strategies.

Many businesses don’t realize they are making some common mistakes when they are getting started with Facebook. This can lead to ineffective marketing and a failure to get the results you need.

Here are six of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid when you are implementing your Facebook marketing strategy.

Cover Photo Doesn’t Meet Guidelines

Your Facebook cover photo is great for getting the attention of users. Many business owners don’t realize, though, that there are guidelines that must be followed in order to avoid having your page shut down.

Your cover photos cannot contain:

Pricing information

Your contact information

Facebook interface features like Share or Like

A Call to Action

Fail to Follow Contest Guidelines

A Facebook contest is a good way to engage and interact with your followers. It can also get more attention from other users and draw them to your brand. But if you’re not following the guidelines set by Facebook for holding a contest, you run the risk of having your Business page removed.

Those guidelines include:

Not using Facebook features (Like, Post, Comment, Share) as a basis for the contest

Must use a third-party app or run contest on a separate tab

Stating that Facebook is not connected to the contest in any way

You’re Prize Doesn’t Fit the Business

You always see businesses giving away hot prizes like iPads these days. While this can be a great way to get attention to your Facebook page and bring in a few more fans, these prizes tend to draw more of the people you don’t want.

You want to attract the fans who are going to engage with you on a regular basis and who are interested in what your company has to offer. A big-ticket item will draw more people who will only Like your page to get a contest entry and end their interaction there.

Instead, offer a prize that is related to your company and its products or services.

Not Using Visual Content

Picture and video posts get the most attention on social media sites. If you aren’t seeing much interaction from your fans with your posts, then you need to start including images with the post in order to capture their attention and get them to want to leave a comment, like and share.

You’re Not Posting at Your Peak Time

If your target audience is not online during the day then you are not going to see high levels of engagement with your posts if you are updating them at 9 each morning. Check your metrics to see what time of day/ week you see the highest interaction with your content and start timing your posts for that window.

Not Asking Engaging Questions

When you update your posts on Facebook, it is important to always ask your fans a question that they will want to answer. Social media users love to share, so when you ask them something, they are ready to answer. Ask for their opinion on a new product or who their pick is for the Super Bowl this year.

Have you been making some (or all) of these mistakes with your Facebook page? What have you done to see better results through social media?


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