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Are You Listening to Your Network?

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As an online business owner, a blog is a valuable tool to have for your business.  However, as the blog owner, especially for a business blog, you cannot just put the blog up, post on whatever you feel like posting on and think things will be a bed of roses and that people will flock to read it.

That’s simply not true, as a business owner if you want those in your circle of influence, or your network to read your blog, then you are going to have to listen to them, see what they are interested in, find out their needs and then meet those needs, answer those questions and write about their interests. 

This is how you will truly reach them and keep them coming back to read your blog again and again.  So, open your ears and listen.


  • http://www, Julie Castell

    So true! I have a personal blog but read many business blogs that are a turn off. It’s a good idea to separate personal persona from professional.

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