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Are You Building the Right Relationships

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Are you building the right relationships?  As a business owner working online you must realize that you cannot just build relationships. You must build relationships with those who are in your niche.  Then once you’ve located those people in your niche you must create a social media strategy and put your social media efforts forth that will always bring you back to that niche.  That will always point those in your niche to you.

This begins with following the right people, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other number of places you connect with people online you want to seek out those in your niche.  Then, you want to befriend those people, find out their desires, their needs, their problems and finally seek to get to KNOW them, allow them to get to KNOW you.  Seek to connect with them and help them, provide some information  and share your expertise.

Then, of course, point them to your products and services and continue as you were with those you are truly out there to serve.


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