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A Review of How You Can Utilize a Social Media VA

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It is no secret that I share with you things here on this blog that are under my area of expertise.  I am a Social Media Virtual Assistant and I specialize in all things social media.  From Facebook to Twitter, from Linked In to social bookmarking.  My goal is to help you not only become involved with social media to grow your business, but to also see the power that it has to be one of the main marketing tools that you use to spread the word about your business.

I offer services and packages that will help you to do this over the long term.  These include:

Micro Blogging Setup

Micro Blogging Management

ELearning Profile Setup

Social Bookmarking Profile Creation

Social Bookmarking Site Management

Blog Creation

Blog Site Management

Social Networking Updates / Management

Video Networking

Video Networking Management

All of these are available on our services page.  Or if you’re not sure what you need or how to get started why not start with our Starter Kit.


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