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6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Success

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Social media, for some people, believe that the success it can bring isn’t measurable. However, if you believe this, then you’re listening to the wrong people.

There are actually several sites out there that can help you to determine your success, popularity and your competitor’s successes by way of social media.

Here are six sites that offer measureable means to your social media presences:

  1. Daily Feedback: It’s easy to go into your Facebook account and take note of all your “likes,” over a period of time. However, to get a more accurate status of your “likes,” including your comments, Facebook offers a daily feedback feature. You can find it here: www.facebook.com/insights. It’s great to know how much feedback you are actually getting, and if you’re not getting as much as you’d like, you’ll now be able to see the actual numbers which may help you to develop a better social media plan.
  2. Klout: Klout is beneficial for keeping up with your Twitter account. Klout will measure your tweets, followers, retweets, link clicks and so forth, to come up with how well you are utilizing Twitter as a social media site. Recently, they added a Facebook feature that helps to monitor that account as well, but is still more beneficial for your Twitter account.
  3. PostRank: PostRank offers a free membership and a membership that is $15 a month. What it does, is it measures how well your blog is received and what methods of sharing are the most popular. It will take into account whether your comments, diggs, tweets and so on are the most beneficial to your blog. Furthermore, it can be connected to your Google Analytics account for a more detailed scoring of your blog. Similarly to Klout, PostRank provides an engagement score, which is an overall score of your comments, tweets, shares etc. combined. This is beneficial because you can see which of your blog posts have had the biggest impact.
  4. Shared Voice: It’s definitely realistic to take into account how many times your products and promotions are mentioned through social media. But have you thought about considering how much your competitors are getting feedback and shares? There are three sites; Social Mention, Radian6 and ViralHeat. You can set up a “Share of Voice” report for the last 30 days, both of your business and your competitors and compare them. It accounts for all positive, neutral and negative responses you and your competitors may have received.
  5. Volume Search: One of the most important aspects of measuring your business is not only by measuring your social media endeavors, but that combined with searches. Google offers a system called Google Insights which allows you to see if people are searching for your business and/or products. It also provides whether or not there is an increase of people searching for you, which may tell you whether or not your social media accounts are working for you. In 2009, a study provided by GroupM was performed that in conclusion, they found that consumers are 2.8 times more likely to visit your sites if they were exposed to your brand through social media first.
  6. Link Tracking: Links are one of the most important things about having a successful business online. With that comes the tracking of where you posted links, who is linking your site from theirs and who is sharing your link on their own social media accounts. There are a few sites that will measure your link exposure. Those are Open Site, Explorer, and SEOmoz. They will allow you to track your links from Facebook, blogs, twitter etc.

Although, there is no magic number that will give you the exact measurement of your success via social media, these sites can definitely help and be beneficial. Additionally, with the sites mentioned above, and depending on what your business does and who you are trying to reach, you can certainly come to a conclusion on what sites and plans are best for your business.


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