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6 Ways to Find New Customers through Social Media

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Using social media is an important part of creating brand awareness. For many of you, though, turning Facebook fans and Twitter followers into actual customers is a bit of a mystery. Each company needs to employ different tactics in order to encourage people to take the step over the line and stop just “liking” the product or service and get people to start using it.

Here are six ways that you can start putting your social media to work for you and boost the number of customers you have for your business:

Put on Your Search Goggles

Set up searches for your brand name and anything else that relates to your brand on TweetDeck. You will be able to see the users who are mentioning you on Twitter. This gives you the chance to see what people are saying and allows you the opportunity to pipe up let them know that you see and appreciate their comments.

You can also use it to encourage people who are on the fence about trying your product to go for it. Imagine that you sell handmade jewelry online and your company is called “Jewelry by Heart.” You see a tweet from a user that says: “Loving the sparrow necklace on Jewelry by Heart…thinking I need it now!” You could then tweet back with her handle: “The sparrow necklace is one of my favorites! Make sure you check out the earrings to match!”

This will make your fan happy just knowing that you were reaching out to them personally and actually read what people are saying about you.

Use Photos to Engage

It has been shown that a good photo can get more interaction and response from followers than a few simple words. Use photos to display new products or images of actual customers using/ wearing your items. These images will get your fans talking and interacting with your brand, making them eager to make a purchase.

Let the Games Begin

Nothing gets the juices flowing like good old-fashioned competition. Offer a prize and you will see a major jump in your activity on your social networking sites. Hold photo contests and encourage fans to submit and gather votes to win. Make sure that the prize fits into your brand. If you sell jewelry, don’t give away a Kitchen Aide stand mixer because you won’t be reaching out to your target audience.

Keep Them Tuned In

You don’t want to keep promoting the same thing over and over again on your social networks. If you are putting the same thing on each of your sites, then people have no reason to stay engaged on more than one of them. Offer Twitter-only content and do something different for each of your other sites.

Get Personal

Fans and followers like to feel singled out once in a while. Make an effort to make contact with individuals as often as possible. If a follower tweets you a question, try to answer it as soon as possible. If they leave a comment on Facebook, click the like button. People want to know that there IS a person on the other side and that they are listening.

Make Them a Star

Shine the spotlight on a few of your fans. If they have purchased one of your items, tell them to post a photo of them wearing it on Facebook and be sure to tell them how fabulous they make it look. When you take the time to let your fans know that you truly appreciate the part they play in your business success, they will be ready to help keep it going.

What have you been doing to reach out more to your fans and followers? Do you have a sure-fire way of getting people to stop looking and start buying? Share with us!



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