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6 Facebook Page Features you’re Overlooking

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6 Facebook Page Features you’re Overlooking

Facebook makes changes and adds new features so often that it’s hard to keep track of them all. But there are a lot of features that could be very beneficial in managing your Facebook business page and your marketing strategy.

Here are six features that you might not have noticed:

New Insights Metrics

You can see the performance of your posts based on the reactions of your fans, including:

Lifetime of post reach

Lifetime of postpaid reach

Lifetime of post impressions

Lifetime of postpaid impressions

Lifetime of post stories

Lifetime of people who engaged with posts

Lifetime of people talking about your posts

To find these metrics, click on Page Insights, then Export Data, choose data type, then Post Level Data, choose the data range, and click Download.

Onsite Notification

If you combine your personal profile with your business page management, you can get notifications of fan messages and comments, new posts and likes. To start getting these notifications, click on Admin Panel, then Edit Page, hit Manage Notifications and then Onsite Notification. Just check off the box to enable these notifications.

Arrange Posts by Metrics

You don’t have to view your posts only in chronological order anymore. Now you can have them listed based on certain metrics, such as Engaged Users, Reach, Virality, and Talking About This. This lets you see what posts are performing better without having to scroll through date-by-date. You can change the order simply by clicking on the label on the table.

Use the “Voice” to Change Identity

You can switch between your brand profile and your personal profile when you want to engage with users on your Facebook page by clicking on Voice at the top of your profile. This lets you respond to comments as your company or yourself.

If you want to post as your brand outside of your own page, click on the dropdown arrow at the top of your profile page and click Use Facebook As and then your page.

View Page Subscribers

People can now subscribe to your Facebook page without liking it. This adds your page to their Interest List. You can see your page subscribers by clicking New Likes, then See All. Click Subscribers from the dropdown menu to see the total number of subscribers in your Insights.

Targeted Page Posts

You can now target your posts based on several criteria: relationship status, gender, interests, education level, age, language and location. This can be really helpful if you use Promoted Posts to ensure that you are reaching a specific part of your audience. This feature is available to pages with more than 5,000 fans. The post will only appear in News Feeds of fans who meet your targeting options but will also be visible to anyone who looks at your Timeline.

To stay on top of your social media marketing game, you need to keep up with all of the new changes to Facebook pages. Know what tools they are making available to you and you will have more success from all the effort you are putting in.

What Facebook features do you think are the most helpful? What types of features would you like to see in the future?


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