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5 Tips to Social Bookmarking

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Social bookmarking, it can be beneficial to you as a blogger, as well as a super useful tool for finding information you are looking for quickly and easily.  From Stumbleupon to Digg, from delicious to Kirtsy, social bookmarking sites are unique but extremely useful.

The following are some tips for using social bookmarking:

  1. Return the favor. If someone bookmarks your site in the social media world it is “proper” and “friendly” to return the favor and bookmark or “rate” one of their posts or site in the future.
  2. Use them to find out about news in your niche. Because social bookmarking sites are built upon and grow based on reader traffic and you can friend others in the process you can find like-minded individuals with which you can share information and you can use the network to find the information and news you are looking for.
  3. Create catchy headlines. In order to draw the attention of your readers and make them want to “bookmark” your latest blog post at any of the hottest social bookmarking sites you will need to have a headline that screams “bookmark me”.  Spend some time thinking about your headline before you make your post go live.  It will be worth your time.
  4. Write good content. Not only will your headline have to “grab” them but so will your content.  Write often, write well and make your content worth bookmarking.  Spend the time needed to make it truly shine.
  5. Use the popular sites. I know, sometimes it doesn’t pay to be popular, but there are those times that it does pay to use what is trending and what is popular.  Obtaining a bookmark on the top sites is where you want to shoot for.

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