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5 Steps for Managing Facebook Comment Overkill

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It is an undeniable fact that we are social creatures and social networks like Facebook make it even easier for us to interact with one another. Facebook has become such the social media hub that, according to data released in December 2011 by Comscore, three out of four minutes spent on social networking sites are spent on Facebook.

With that much time being spent on Facebook, it is no wonder that brands are having a tough time managing the excessive amounts of commenting on their pages. These brand pages have become the meeting place for customers to share their likes and dislikes and to make their voices heard by business owners. For many companies, it is no longer possible to spend an hour or two each day moderating and responding to wall posts and comments. It has now become a full-time job.

To help your brand pages get a little relief from excessive comment overload on Facebook, here are five steps that your company needs to take:

Establish some ground rules.

Let your fans and visitors know up front what the rules are for posting on your wall and commenting. This will prevent any arguments from your fan base as well as any questions from site administrators. For the most part, when a person knows the rules of what is acceptable and what is not, it will avoid any trouble in the long run.

There is a time and place for negative comments.

So don’t delete them all. You might think that having a negative comment or two (or ten) will do too much damage to your company’s reputation, but that really isn’t the case. You want to show your fans that you can handle criticism and will respond swiftly when there are complaints. Going with a scorched-earth policy on negativity can lead people to think you just don’t care. Show them that you can take the bad with the good and put a positive spin on them.

Stick to your guns.

If you make a rule, enforce it! Moderate your Wall posts and comments so that you aren’t violating your own rules. Failing to moderate comments can make you seem wishy-washy. Make sure your followers know where you stand and that when you say something, you mean it. This goes a long way in upholding your reputation.

Be ready for any situation.

Make sure that whoever is responsible for your social media marketing is trained to handle every possible scenario, from the absolute worst to the absolute best. How many people will you need to have on hand to moderate if you are suddenly flooded with 10,000 comments in an hour? How will they handle any PR crises that happen overnight?

Call in the professionals.

There are many people out there who live for social media and take great pride in their ability to moderate 1,000 comments in an hour. There is software available that can help you in any type of social networking situation. You want to be sure that you have enough people focusing on your page to keep up with the flow of comments.

Have you had to deal with Facebook commenting overload on your brand page? What did you do to overcome it? Share with us!


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