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4 Ways to Use Google+ ‘On-Air’ Hangouts

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Google+ offers so many valuable tools, one of the top ones being Hangouts. With Hangouts, you can host online video chats with up to nine people for free. During the Hangout, you and the other participants can collaborate on projects using Google Docs and watch YouTube videos together.

With ‘On Air’ Hangouts, your business can host online discussions that can be watched live by the public. All you and your viewers need is a Google+ account and to be connected to your business via Circles. The video will be shown on your Google+ page and personal YouTube channel.

Broadcasting your Google+ Hangouts On Air is a great way to make a deeper connection with your customers. Here are four different ways that you can use this social media tool for your business:

Hold Customer Service Sessions

We have come a long way in customer service, from letter writing to automated phone calls to social media-based customer service. The customer wants to have a better customer service experience with your business, and offering them a chance to speak with you face-to-face no matter where they live is an excellent way to do just that.

Set specified times for customer service hangouts where you will hold question-and-answer sessions about your services and products. Participants can take turns asking questions and getting their concerns addressed.

Remember, if this is something that your customers are interested in, stay consistent and offer these sessions on a regular basis.

Conduct Webinars and Product Demos

This is a great way to reach out to customers and potential customers through social media in a much more interactive way. If you have a new product being released, you can invite participants a sneak peek and give a demonstration to get them excited about it.

You can also use it to teach customers to do something (cook an egg, use social networking features, knit). Even if your viewers are not customers yet, this is a way to engage with them on another level and turn them from watchers into customers.

Hold Contests

People love a chance to win. Using Google+ On Air Hangouts is a fun way to hold giveaways. Doing this regularly can get you frequent visitors. Make sure that the prizes are relevant to both your business and their interests. A new tablet computer is always a popular choice, but if it has nothing to do with your business, you will mostly attract people outside your target audience. Choose to giveaway one of your own products when possible.

Conduct Interviews

Invite industry leaders and experts to be interviewed during an On Air Hangout session. Let people know about the upcoming interview and encourage the expert to invite their own followers to join in on the session. This will increase the number of viewers and possibly the number of people adding your business to their circles. Allow viewers to ask their own questions of the interviewee so they have a chance to interact as well.

Have you used Google+ On Air Hangouts for your business? What are some different ways that you have used it?


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