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4 Ways to Make Your Facebook Updates More Engaging

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Everyone who uses Facebook as a part of their online marketing strategy wants to know the secret behind getting more engagement from their fans. The more interaction you have through social media, the better it is for your business. You will get more customers, more fans and more sales and positive reviews.

If you have been having little success with Facebook, it is time to revamp your techniques. If you want to boost fan engagement and earn more fans for your business, here are four ways to make that happen:

Visual Posts See the Most Action

With Facebook posts, the ones that capture the attention first see the most interaction. That includes both videos and photos. These types of visually stimulating posts can have five times the engagement rates than plain text status updates.

A photo or video will not take your fans off of Facebook so they are more likely to click to watch your video or leave a comment.

Ask Engaging Questions

People love to give their opinion and the fastest way that you can get it is to ask them. You have to do a little experimenting to see what types of questions will work the best and what doesn’t do you any real good.

Your status update is not the place to indulge in a lengthy philosophical debate. Fans want to get in, answer and get out. Only a select few will hover around your post to see if anyone responds to their comments. You can even choose to use the Facebook Question app to send out a quick poll to your fans.

Invite Fans to Share

Fans want to know that you take an interest in them. Invite them to share links in the comment section. This can help them drive more traffic to their websites and introduce fans to more sites. They can share photos, fan pages, Twitter handles, blog posts, etc.

Let fans know up front what is acceptable and what is off limits on your page. Letting your fans share with you and fellow fans will help create a stronger bond throughout your social media community.

Include a Clear Call to Action

If you want your fans to take a specific action, you need to tell them. Whether it’s to like your post, subscribe to your newsletter or buy your book, let them know. Then, you need to make sure you give them an easy way to follow through on that call to action. If they have to visit another site to complete the action, include a link to it in your post. You can also install a Facebook app that makes it simple for them to sign up for your newsletter right from your fan page.

Facebook is a fast-paced social network where you have to act quickly to get the engagement of your fans. You need to have good, solid status updates if you want to get more interaction with your community.

You want your page to be the place people go for more information about your topic, and from that location to your website. In order to make that happen, you need to provide real value, keep them entertained and solve problems.

What have you done to generate more fan engagement on your Facebook page? Do your fans like to get involved and take part in your online community? Share with us!


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