Social Bookmarking Benefits

Tweet It’s social bookmarking week, while we celebrate it I wanted you to know why I talk about it so much and why I consider it so important.  I talk and talk and talk about social bookmarking and no one is listening. Social Bookmarking has many benefits to your website, your business, your traffic. Here [...]

Is Your Social Media Individualized?

Tweet We are all created unique, we all have different DNA, so why should we try to portray someone else online? Sadly, some people do, while others are truly the individual that they really are. It is definitely something to think about, and something that you should consider when you’re portraying yourself online via social [...]

Paid Trends on Twitter

Tweet Trending on Twitter, it has been sought after, eyeballs have watched it closely, and people have thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of seeing their topic “trend” on Twitter.  But, will it be as fun, will it be as highly sought after or respected if that trending can be “bought”?  Twitter’s new monetization strategies now include [...]

Do You Need a Social Media Manager?

Tweet Social media, though it is a wonderful marketing tool, for many it can be too time consuming.  In fact, many business owners have chosen to not get involved in social media at all due to the fact that they feel they can’t keep up with it properly.  This is where a social media manager [...]

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