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10 Best Social Media Tools for Engagement

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Social media is one of the best and most effective ways to market your business. It can also eat up a lot of valuable time, which many of us just don’t have to spare. Finding the best tools to help you trim down the amount of time you have to spend on social media marketing is the key to getting the most out of your efforts.

Some of the most valuable tools that a social media marketer can use will help you find your fans and build stronger relationships with your existing ones. These are ten of the best tools for social media engagement that online marketers use as a part of their strategy:

Find Your Fans


This is a multi-purpose tool for social media. It quickly and easily sifts through your Twitter followers and Facebook fans to find the ones who are most actively retweeting and engaging with you. This gives you a chance to see who you should be focusing on out of all your fans.


With this tool, you can find out which fans are sharing your content and leaving comments on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is also handy for scheduling your posts.


To see who is sharing your content, paste the link from your blog or website into the search tool. You can narrow down the results by clicking on “influential only” to see the people who are considered influential. This will give you some insight into people to focus on.


If you are active on twitter, you can use this tool to view lists of the most engaged users and people you should consider following. It also lets you enter in Twitter handles so you can see any past interactions that you have had with that user.


This tool makes it even easier to segment your followers into different categories, like Influential Followers, New Followers, Number of Followers, Number of Lists, and Number of Tweets per Day.

Strengthen Fan Engagement

Customer Relationship Manager

After you’ve found the fans that you want to get more interaction with, you need to be able to keep up with them. This tool can be something as simple as a spreadsheet on your computer. It is simply a way to manage all of your contact efforts with the fans and followers that you’ve reached out to and the results you get. Write down any blog posts about your brand or tweets you’ve swapped with a certain follower.

Twitter Lists

It doesn’t take long for the number of people you are interacting with on Twitter to become overwhelming. To help keep the chaos at bay, make use of the List function on Twitter to create more manageable lists of your most active followers and of people whose updates you don’t want to miss.


This is a Gmail add-on that lets you turn emails into tasks in order to get back to those contacts faster and keep the relationship growing.


Cloze is a great tool for organizing all of your social media and email conversations and contacts in one place. It lets you set targets so that you can keep tabs on only specific people. It will also recommend new people for you to start interacting with.


This is another add-on for Gmail that you have in your Inbox. It gives you handy information about the people you interact with during the day. This includes job information, photo and current social media posts. This helps you stay social with your email contacts.

You can always find new tools online that were designed to make it much easier for you to engage and interact with your social media community. What are some of your favorite tools?


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